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So, legendland has this challenge where we create a Ship Manifesto for one of our favourite LotS ships, you can imagine who I chose ;) I was just going to write "LOOK", post a bunch of screencaps and then use my Lana!enoughsaid gif, but apparently there's a minimum wordcount lol, so here we go...

Title: Destined to be Besties: Dennea
Pairing: Denna/Dennee (Dennea)
Spoilers: Sacrifice, Resurrection, Light

Denna and Dennee are both very minor characters in Legend of the Seeker; Denna appears in 4 episodes and Dennee appears in 3 episodes (and is played by 2 different actresses), so why then do I find them so irresistibly shippable? Because they are made for each other. Allow me to explain though seriously, I shouldn't have to, just re-watch Resurrection and you will understand!

First of all, I feel that the most important factor of this ship needs to be noticed...

Got it? Their names are so similar it isn't even funny. It's flawless. It's like they were literally made for each other.

"When you need me... you know where to find me."

Now, all they need is to use ~powerful magic to have a baby. A girl who will grow up to be the first ever Confessor'Sith who they shall name Dennea and nickname "Dina".
Stop looking at me funny, this is serious business.

Denna ~trained/took care of Dennee pre-Sacrifice.
We don't know it officially, because the writers were evil and wanted to keep us from the truth... but we do know that Darken held her captive and that Mord'Sith were involved. And who else but Denna would he have sent to take care of his precious baby momma pregnant confessor? I mean come on. It's canon.

Both of them were killed by Cara. So they have a common enemy :P

But they both also kicked Cara's ass. So they can bond over that fact.
And Kahlan saved Cara both times, so there's some C/K right there.


(aww, see... Dennee 1.0 even shares physical features with Denna)

Denna is a Mord'Sith and Dennee is a Confessor, they are meant to be swarn enemies, right? Wrong. The whole forbidden factor to their relationship is exactly what makes it work so well (which I am sure any Cara/Kahlan shippers understand). These are two strong, gorgeous women who have been through similarly rough circumstances in their pasts. Where Denna was tortured (at a much younger age than most, as I understand) in childhood to attain Mord'Sith standards, Dennee Amnell was used and abused by her own father. While Denna would have actually killed her father to complete training, Dennee probably wished she could do the same to hers, but her confessor nature would never allow it.

"You think it's possible for me to become a better person?"

As we see in Light, there is a desire to be a better person deep down within this ruthless Mord'Sith. This is exactly where Dennee could come in as the perfect shoulder for Denna to lean on if she were to actually work towards this desire of becoming more. Dennee's sense of "good" certainly compliments Denna's sense of power. As partners, these two women could easily factor out each others faults.

Look at all the touching *faints*

Resurrection was most certainly the episode to seal the deal for me. When Denna brings Dennee's soul into Lucinda's body, there is just this instant connection, this gorgeous chemistry between them. Not to mention that Lucinda told Richard that she was ~personally instructed by Madame Denna, which means there was already a physical attraction there ;)

For a ship where only one episode was shared, what more could a fan ask for than a breath of life scene? No seriously? Their lips are so close, all you can think is "GO CLOSER."

"Who are you? Where am I?"
"Everything's alright. I'm a friend."

That's all for now, can't say as it's been the best manifesto, but if you ignore the words and look at the pretty, it's more than enough ;) Now excuse me while I go write some Dennea fic... *points to screencap* they're already headed somewhere more ~private.
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