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♥ 7th Heaven ♥ Against the Wall
Alcatraz ♥ Alias ♥ Ally McBeal ♥ Becker ♥ Beverly Hills 90210(original) ♥ Birds of Prey ♥ Boomtown ♥ Camelot ♥ Castle ♥ Charlie's Angels(new) ♥ Charmed ♥ Cleopatra 2525 Continuum Criminal Minds ♥ Damages ♥ Day Break ♥ Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman ♥ ER ♥ Firefly ♥ Full House ♥ Ghost Whisperer ♥ Gilmore Girls ♥ Grimm ♥ Hart of Dixie ♥ Heartland ♥ Hot in Cleveland ♥ House M.D. ♥ Law & Order ♥ Law & Order: SVU ♥ Law & Order: Trial by Jury ♥ Legend of the Seeker ♥ Little House on the Prairie ♥ Little Mosque on the Prairie ♥ Lost ♥ Merlin Miami Medical ♥ Modern Family ♥ Mutant X ♥ The Nanny ♥ Ned & Stacey ♥ NewsRadio ♥ No Ordinary Family ♥ The OC ♥ Once Upon a Time ♥ Packed to the Rafters ♥ Party of Five Prime Suspect ♥ Reba ♥ Rizzoli & Isles ♥ Robin Hood ♥ Sabrina the Teenage Witch ♥ Smallville ♥ Stargate Atlantis ♥ Stargate Universe ♥ Strong Medicine ♥ Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye ♥ Supernatural ♥ Swingtown ♥ Terra Nova ♥ Third Watch ♥ Ugly Betty Unforgettable V(new) ♥ The Walking Dead Windfall ♥ Women's Murder Club ♥ Xena: Warrior Princess ♥ Zoe Busiek wild card ♥

rizzolisleslandis an interactive Community for Rizzoli & Isles fans. There are 3 teams (Rizzoli, Isles, Frost).
The community hosts a variety of challenges (games, writing, fanarts, etc) which you will have to finish by the specified time.

Sound like fun?

.A.B.O.U.T. M.E.

Hi! I'm Laura, mostly known as SinginPrincess (do you see where the "SPL" comes from now? Did that feed your curiosity?). I'm not exactly good at introductions, but I'll tell you this, singing is my #1 passion, I live for it! But I have other talents I like to use, a lot ;)

I have three brothers, one older and two younger. The eldest, Andrew, happens to be on LJ (totes made him join LOL) add him if you'd like; andyrewr. The second one, Nour, is really photogenic, he loves long hair (like me!) and he grew it out last year to cut it and donate it to a children's cancer charity so that it would be made into a wig for a child to enjoy. And lastly, there's baby RICHARD. Who, I TOTALLY named. He's absolutely adorable and I talk about him often.

Finally, there's my Bestie, adi_dion, she makes me smile everyday. I love you bestie! You will forever be the Denna to my Dennee ;)

.C.E.L.E.B.R.I.T.Y. L.O.V.E.

♥ Angie Harmon ♥ Beverly Mitchell ♥
Bridget Regan ♥ Celine Dion
♥ Craig Horner ♥ Dina Meyer ♥
Dolly Parton ♥ Jane Seymour ♥
Jennifer Love-Hewitt ♥ Jennifer Nettles
♥ John Travolta ♥ Jonas Armstrong ♥
Lana Parrilla ♥ Lauren Graham
♥ Lucy Griffiths ♥ Jessica Marais ♥
Lucy Lawless ♥ Mariska Hargitay
♥ Maura Tierney ♥ Melinda Clarke
♥ Nathan Fillion ♥ Rachel Bilson ♥
Reba McEntire ♥ Sandra Bullock
♥ Sarah Brightman ♥ Stana Katic ♥
Victoria Pratt ♥ and many, many more...


7th Heaven (Lucy/Kevin & Annie/Eric & Mary/Wilson)
A.t.W. (Abby/Brody)
Alias (Syd/Vaughn)
Ally McBeal (Ally/Larry)
Birds of Prey (Barbara/Wade)
90210 (Brenda/Dylan)
Boomtown (Teresa/Joel)
Castle (Castle/Beckett & Lanie/Esposito)
Charmed (Piper/Leo & Prue/Cole)
Day Break (Andrea/Hopper)
DQMW (Michaela/Sully)
ER (Abby/Luka & Mark/Susan & Carol/Doug)
G.W. (Melinda/Jim)
G.G. (Luke/Lorelai)
House (House/Cuddy & Cameron/Chase)
SVU (E/O, Olivia/David, Benson/Langan)
LotS (
Denna/Dennee& Richard/Kahlan & Darken/Dennee & Darken/Kahlan & Gryff/Bronwyn & Mika/Walter & Denna/Phillip)
LHOP (Laura/Almanzo)
LMOP (Rayyan/Amaar)
Lost (Sawyer/Juliet & Jack/Kate & Jack/Juliet)
Mutant X (Shalimar/Brennan)
The Nanny (Fran/Max)
NewsRadio (Lisa/Dave)
OUaT (Regina/Mr.Gold, Regina/Daniel, Regina/Emma, Regina/everyone)
PttR (Rachel/Jake & Ben/Mel & Julie/Dave)
Po5 (Charlie/Kirsten & Bailey/Sarah)
Reba (Reba/Dr.Morgan & Van/Cheyenne)
RH (Robin/Marian)
Smallville (Clark/Chloe & Chloe/Oliver & Martha/Lionel & Lana/Clark)
SGA (Sheppard/Weir)
ST: FBEye (Sue/Jack)
Swingtown (Trina/everyone & BJ/Sam)
The OC (Seth/Summer & Julie/Dr.Neil Roberts)
TW (Faith/Bosco)

Unforgettable (Carrie/Steve)
Xena:WP(Xena/Ares & Xena/Hercules & Xena/anyone)
♥ Crossover lets not even start that...I have too many ♥


is an interactive Community for Once Upon a Time fans. There are 3 teams (Swan, Regina, Snow) in which members will be placed.
The community hosts a variety of challenges (games, writing, fanarts, etc) which you will have to finish by the specified time.

Sound like fun?
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