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Legend of the Seeker Recast for [ profile] legendland
I recasted Richard, Kahlan, Cara, Denna, and Shota
I tried my best to find "in character" photos to use. So I hope these are alright.
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Sooo.... Here's a random post with a bunch of my "art" if you have a DeviantArt account add me and I'll add you back ;) ENJOY!

Swinging into Love by ~SinginPrincess on deviantART

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OK so I made this graphic because of the Cracky Legend of the Seeker Facebook RP I'm in... I mean after the passionate kiss(es) Dennee freaked out and well it was epic drama and I loved it!! And the fight afterwards totes inspired me to make this!! Like OMG I  LOVE IT!! And I have become a HUGE Shipper of Dennee/Robin even tho they don't exist LMSAO and btw I plan on making a fanfic soon about them so u will totes understand the whole story when that happens! Oh and in case u didn't already know... Dennee has a new body (Lucy Griffiths AKA Marian from Robin Hood) and it all just wrapped up nicely because Dennee needed a new mate and she found Robin and a bunch of stuff happened and umm yeah so anyways this is Dennee/Robin or Robin/Marian but its supposed to be D/R not M/R but whatev LOL

Click the link below to see the pic Or click here for full size version & let me know what you think!!!

It Wasn't Supposed to Be this Way (CLICK 4 PIC) )


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