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[ profile] lotsxovers  is an interactive community for fans of Legend of the Seeker who love crossovers. There are five teams (SeekersX, ConfessorsX, MordSithX, WizardsX, and RahlX) in which members will be placed. This community hosts a variety of challenges (games, writings, fanarts, etc.) which you will have to finish by the specified time.

There's no limit to crossovers, you can cross ANY show with LotS in our comm.

Sound like fun? Join us here!
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OK so I made this graphic because of the Cracky Legend of the Seeker Facebook RP I'm in... I mean after the passionate kiss(es) Dennee freaked out and well it was epic drama and I loved it!! And the fight afterwards totes inspired me to make this!! Like OMG I  LOVE IT!! And I have become a HUGE Shipper of Dennee/Robin even tho they don't exist LMSAO and btw I plan on making a fanfic soon about them so u will totes understand the whole story when that happens! Oh and in case u didn't already know... Dennee has a new body (Lucy Griffiths AKA Marian from Robin Hood) and it all just wrapped up nicely because Dennee needed a new mate and she found Robin and a bunch of stuff happened and umm yeah so anyways this is Dennee/Robin or Robin/Marian but its supposed to be D/R not M/R but whatev LOL

Click the link below to see the pic Or click here for full size version & let me know what you think!!!

It Wasn't Supposed to Be this Way (CLICK 4 PIC) )


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