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Title: The Reverie
Fandom: Castle!
Disclaimer: "Castle" and all its characters do not belong to me, sadly.
Pairing/Characters: Richard Castle/Kate Beckett, Alexis Castle, OC
Written for castleland  ages ago
Word Count: 1,149
Rating: PG
Castle gets lost within his own thoughts during an interview with a little girl who just lost her parents to murder, he finds himself within a reverie where he is married to the woman he secretly loves. But tragedy strikes.

... the kind of pain he had written on paper, the kind of pain that made him rich.  )
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Title: The Hudson Killer
Authors:[ profile] theonlyspl  & [ profile] bitterbird 
Fandom: Castle!
Disclaimer: "Castle" and all its characters are not ours, they belong to Andrew Marlowe.
Pairing/Characters: Mainly Richard Castle/Kate Beckett.... Esposito, Ryan, Montgomery, and Lanie also featured (and some OC's obviously)
Prompt: Water (written for [ profile] castleland)
Word Count: 1556
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Young, brunette, tall, wet, dead -- the simplest description for the many women found in the Hudson river. Castle and Beckett must work together in order to solve the murders...who is this serial killer? And will they catch him...or her?

Read our fic here!!! )
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Title: Sweeter than Cherries
Author: [ profile] theonlyspl 
Word Count: 100!
Prompt: Magic (thanks to [ profile] castle100 )
Fandom: Castle
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG?
Character(s)/Pairing(s): <3 Castle/Beckett <3
Summary: The day Richard Castle took a leap of faith was the day he and Kate Beckett learned the meaning of magic.
Author's Note: I just thought I'd try and write my first drabble ever, and looky there! It only took like 5 minutes & I didn't even have to rewrite anything :) Hope you like it


He had no other choice. The only way she could ever know the truth, was by doing exactly this. He stopped her mid sentence, leaning into her space. Kate froze, staring into his eyes, he was so close to her that they shared one breath.

Without hesitation, he cupped her face gently and brought his lips to hers. Sweeter than cherries, her kiss was that of something pure and powerful.

She was powerless against Richard's luscious lips, she savored their taste.

As they parted, a flow of emotion rushed over them. The kiss was magical, and they plunged for another.


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